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Hi! I'm Dara :)
I'm a Dropbox and Gmail Wizard!
Dara Sklar
I'm friendly and approachable, and I love to help people organize their technology... especially Gmail and Dropbox! :)

Set your computer and smartphone up right & never lose your data.
Laptop stolen?
Hard drive fried?
Deleted a precious file?
NO PROBLEM. (If you're using Gmail and Dropbox!)

Photos folder a complete cluster-f?
Desktop littered with icons and files?
More emails in your inbox than dollars in the bank?
I CAN HELP. (If you're using Gmail and Dropbox!)

Using cloud-based tech+apps to be more organized+efficient doesn't have to be scary, or hard, AND you don't have to go it alone.
Getting your files organized + secure is going to be FUN and EASY. For real.